Rockingham: woman avoids jail after assaulting two mums in front of their kids

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A WOMAN who punched two mothers in front of their children then told police she did not give a ‘f**k’ was told by the Magistrate she would end up in prison if she did not behave.

Bri’Anna Courtney Hamalainen pleaded guilty to common assault and assault occasioning bodily harm when she appeared at Rockingham Magistrates Court on July 30.

The prosecutor said Hamalainen was pushing her child in a pram along Orelia Avenue on April 23 when another woman, also pushing a pram with her child in it, was walking towards her.

When the pair passed Hamalainen suddenly punched the woman to her face knocking her to the ground.

When the victim got to her feet Hamalainen punched her again to the head.

A week later on May 2, Hamalainen was picking her children up from school when the second victim was waiting in her car for her children.

As Hamalainen walked near the car they stared at each other before the victim in the car said ‘what’ and Hamalainen leant into the car and punched her with enough force to snap her tooth.

The victim said ‘you broke my tooth’.

The victim’s young child was in the car with her and witnessed the assault.

Hamalainen was arrested on a later date by police where she told them ‘I don’t give a f**k’ in relation to both assaults.

The duty lawyer said there had been history between the Hamalainen and the victims.

She said the victim in the car had made a comment to Hamalainen and there were long standing issues with the first victim.

“The first victim did take to her with a shopping bag,” the lawyer said.

She asked for an order with counselling for Hamalainen.

Magistrate Vivien Edwards said it was clear Hamalainen did not care.

“You clearly showed absolutely no remorse as you said to police – ‘I don’t give a f**k’,” she said.

“This behaviour is very concerning, violent behaviour in front of children and at a primary school.”

“I have been told that there was a history with both victims but that gives you absolutely no right to carry on the way you did.”

“I would have ordered a fine to be paid to the victims – particularly the second but as you are not working and have two children I can’t go down that path.”

“If you continue to behave like this you will end up in prison and you will not be there to care for your children.”

She was placed on a 12-month community based order with programs and counselling.