Rockingham: woman who drove for 30km on flat tyre fined and suspended from driving

A WOMAN who got a punctured tyre and continued to drive her car until it was worn down to the axel was convicted of reckless driving when she appeared at Rockingham Magistrates Court on December 2.

The prosecutor said a red Fairmount Bianca Rose Campbell was driving along Kwinana Freeway near Mandogalup veered off the road and hit wires that separate the freeway from the railway track on August 16 about 9am.

The car continued shortly after before it turned on Rowley Road then Rockingham Road heading south.

The car was reported travelling at speed along Rockingham Road with no tyre.

It continued until the rim had worn away, followed by the hub as it reached Endeavour Drive in Port Kennedy.

Members of the public also reported the car being driven at speed and erratically in Warnbro.

It pulled into a street in Warnbro before stopping and it had been worn completely down to the axel.

It travelled a distance of approximately 30km.

Police found Campbell with the car and she told police she was tired.

Her lawyer said the facts were accepted and she had fallen asleep at the wheel on the freeway and crashed.

She said Campbell was having issues with her pregnancy at the time and had not slept.

Campbell did not have a phone or spare tyre with her and suffering from sleep depravation she just wanted to get somewhere safe.

She said she was not affected by drugs or alcohol and completely accepted the reason she was called in for sentencing.

She had initially sent in an endorsed plea of guilty however due to the circumstance of the incident Magistrate Leanne Atkins ordered Campbell attend court for sentencing.

Magistrate Atkins said imprisonment was an option.

“I’ve heard the facts and length of time you were driving with a flat tyre that was worn down to the rim and hub yet you kept driving,” she said.

“Swerving all over the road and narrowly missing other cars.

“They are entitled to safety while driving on the roads. It beggars belief that you would continue and while you have another life inside of you.”

Campbell said it was an error of judgement.

“Error of judgement does not cut it,” the Magistrate said.

“This is such an appalling example of reckless driving the sentence will reflect the seriousness of it.”

She fined Campbell $3000 and disqualified her from driving for 12 months.