Rockingham’s Autumn Centre table tennis players keen to get more members on deck

The Tuesday and Wednesday table tennis club. Picture: Jon Hewson.
The Tuesday and Wednesday table tennis club. Picture: Jon Hewson.

TOPSPINNING their way to laughter and fun, a dedicated group of Rockingham table tennis players are keen to welcome some good ‘backhanders’ to their fold.

No, it’s not a promotion of some obscure discipline – rather, a pitch for more players.

The group holds games at the City of Rockingham’s Autumn Centre – a social hub for those over 50.

Group member Alan Hobson said there were games held most days, including new days Tuesday and Wednesday.

“The Tuesdays and Wednesdays have been going for about five weeks now,” he said.

“We welcome all people – there are no levels or skills required.

“It is mainly just for fun and just for laughs.

Despite the focus on fun she said there was a method to ping pong madness.

“At our age certain sports and activities are the best – table tennis is great for strengthening balance and hand-eye co-ordination,” he said.

The mixed group has both female and male players, and a minimal yearly membership fee to the centre is all that is required to join.

“The whole ambience here is brilliant – everyone is so lovely, supportive and welcoming,” he said.

The Tuesday and Wednesday groups have games in the main hall of the centre between 1pm and 4pm.

For information on table tennis or any other activities or services at the Autumn Centre call 9528 8560 or email