Rockingham’s new Liberal Democrats MLC set to rock WA parliament

Hoping to be an iron man for his policies is new MLC and Black Sabbath fan Aaron Stonehouse.
Hoping to be an iron man for his policies is new MLC and Black Sabbath fan Aaron Stonehouse.

A ROCKINGHAM call centre manager with a passion for heavy metal band Black Sabbath is preparing for a new career in politics where he could have a key role in determining whether new laws are passed in the Legislative Council.

Aaron Stonehouse (26) was elected to represent the Liberal Democrats at the March 11 state election after joining the party in 2014.

“I was drawn to the Liberal Democrats as they are the only party consistently committed to reducing taxes and fighting back against the nanny-state,” Mr Stonehouse said.

He said his main goals as an MLC would be to reduce “unnecessary government intrusions” into personal lives wherever possible.

“If given the opportunity, I hope to work towards reducing and simplifying land tax and stamp duty, which creates an extra hurdle for home buyers,” he said.

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Mr Stonehouse has lived in Warnbro for the past 17 years and has worked at a call centre for three years.

He said he has received lots of support from his colleagues for his new career and was currently training up his replacement before heading to Parliament House on May 22.

Responding to reports that he could become a potential “kingmaker” in the legislative council, Mr Stonehouse said the new makeup of the council was an “exciting opportunity for minor parties to have a voice in the WA parliament”.

He said he would work with the Labor Party to pass legislation, but would assess each issue on its own merit.

“I will never vote for a reduction in liberty and I will never vote for an increase in taxes,” he said.

Mr Stonehouse said he would be meeting with various Labor, Liberal and cross bench members over the coming weeks.

Mr Stonehouse is a heavy metal music fan.

“Black Sabbath is my all time favourite, I had the chance to see them live last year,” he said.

“I had back stage access and met Ozzy Osbourne in person.”

A spokesman for the Liberal Democrats said the party was looking forward to spreading its message of limited government, lower taxes and more individual freedom.

Liberal Democrat policies include removing the ban on mixed martial arts octagons, decriminalising cannabis for medical and recreational use, legalising voluntary euthanasia, removing the ban on the sale of vaping/e-cig products, relaxing alcohol licensing laws, legalising airsoft sports and removing hidden speed cameras.

Mr Stonehouse is one of three minor party representatives in the Legislative Council, which will also include three One Nation MPs and a Shooters, Fishers and Farmers MP.

The McGowan Labor government will need the support of the Greens and at least one crossbencher to pass its legislation.