Sea Shepherd’s Ocean Warrior docks at Henderson for repairs

The Ocean Warrior arriving at Henderson.
The Ocean Warrior arriving at Henderson.

SEA Shepherd’s fastest ship has docked at Henderson for some much-needed repairs after 93 days in Antarctica.

Ocean Warrior worked alongside the organisation’s flagship vessel the MV Steve Irwin on the organisation’s 11th anti-whaling campaign, Operation Nemesis.

Captain Adam Meyerson said the new ship had docked in Henderson at a private dock.

“It’s getting a few repairs by a local company, Strategic Marine who are also doing warranty work on the new boat,” he said. “It’s only about six months old. It was built in Turkey.

“It costs about $12 million.” Built in 2016, Ocean Warrior is 54m long, has a powerful water cannon and can reach speeds of more than 30 knots. It is the first new and custom-made ship in Sea Shepherd’s Global fleet and Operation Nemesis was its first campaign.

Ocean Warrior will spend about two weeks in Henderson before it moves a little farther north where it will dock in Fremantle and be open to the public.