Secret Harbour hit by sock loving cat burglar

Monty the three-year-old cat burglar
Secret Harbour hit by sock loving cat burglar
Monty the three-year-old cat burglar

Monty the sock loving cat has a penchant for stealing.

SECRET Harbour residents recently solved the mystery of a sock obsessed cat burglar.

Danielle Rosina was in Melbourne with her two daughters when her husband called to tell her socks were missing from their line.

Puzzled, Ms Rosina put a post on social media about the missing footwear, asking if other people were missing their socks.

Other users made a meowtain out of a molehill and suggested sinister reasons the socks were missing – like sock obsessed burglars or drug addicts.

Alarmed, Ms Rosina began hanging her washing inside to dry and carefully locked her doors at night.

“(A few days ago) my neighbour knocked on my door and said are you looking for some socks?” Ms Rosina said.

Ms Rosina followed her neighbour to her home and there in Monty the Cat’s bed were six pairs of socks.

The missing socks found!

Monty, a three-year-old tom, adores Ms Rosina’s daughter Izabella and the pair see each other most days.

“She lays on the floor with him,” she said.

“He comes to my house four times a day.”

Izabella and Monty.

Ms Rosina believes Monty stole the socks because he was missing her daughters while they were gone.

Danielle Rosina and Monty.

Her sister suggested Ms Rosina read the books Slinky Malinki by Lynley Dodd.

The “bad” cat in these children’s books steals clothes pegs, slippers, a string of sausages and a clock.

Ms Rosina is allergic to cats, so she gave the returned socks a wash before hanging them on the line.

Hopefully this time the socks don’t go walk about.

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