Secret Harbour: Terrance Weston fed up with “dirty streets and ugly verges”

Secret Harbour resident Terrance Watson cleans up.
Secret Harbour resident Terrance Watson cleans up.

A SECRET Harbour resident is upset with litter and overgrown weeds on paths near his home.

Terrance Weston said he was tired with the “dirty streets and ugly verges” around Blackshear Green, Clarkshill Road and Oasis Drive.

“I can see litter all the time… I take a little rubbish bag with me and I just pick up litter and I take it home and put it in my own bin,” he said.

“It’s a constant thing.”

He said he was disappointed it was left up to him to maintain land that was not his.

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Certain sections around the area were messy, saying he felt they were being neglected by council and the litter busters. “It’s frustrating to the point of being laughable,” he said.

“Between the roundabout near Bancoura and right up to Oneida Road… council have put down woodchips and it looks very nice, they’ve pruned the bushes.

“It’s a nice facade but as soon as you come into the side streets, it’s back to the weeds and things and it’s left up to the residents.”

City of Rockingham Mayor Barry Sammels said the City’s engineering services manager spoke with the resident personally on Tuesday and will respond to his concerns.

“The City is in the process of contacting the owners of the golf course and other vacant land in the area regarding the maintenance of their properties,” he said.

“The City welcomes these type of inquiries as quite simply we can’t respond unless we know where the problems are, so we are grateful for the actions of the resident.”