Sibling submariners delight seamen father with postings

Sibling submariners delight seamen father with postings

TWO Rockingham siblings have signed up for a career under the waves as submariners, after their father also served in the silent service for 20 years.

Able Seamen Ben and Rhiannon Webb are both serving on submarines based at HMAS Stirling after joining the navy in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

Both graduated from the Kolbe Catholic College in Rockingham.

Ben (20) is a sonar operator on HMAS Farncomb and Rhiannon is a steward, providing hospitality services for officers on the HMAS Waller.

Their father, Warren, served on Oberon and Collins-class submariners after joining the navy in 1984 as a marine engineering technician.

He then joined the navy reserve in 1984 as a petty officer and also works as a marine engineering trainer with the Australian Submarine Corporation.

Warren said he had not actively encouraged his children to join but was “blown away” when they both did.

“Having both the kids serving in submarines was mind- blowing for me,” he said.

“They’ve come through so quickly together, it blows my mind and makes me so proud that they are doing well and doing their own thing.”

Ben said he initially had no intention of the joining the navy when he was younger.

But as he approached his senior high school years he thought it would be a good career move and provide a stable job for at least six years.

He applied to join while he was still in Year 12 and two weeks after graduating started his recruit training at HMAS Cerberus in Victoria.

“I am extremely happy with my decision,” he said.

Rhiannon (21) also decided to join the navy after studying nursing for a year and working locally for another year.

“It was really helpful having Ben join first and he was at recruit school for the first few weeks that I was there which helped me a lot,” she said.

Ben and Rhiannon have adjusted to the lifestyle and said their proudest moments so far have been receiving their cherished dolphin badges after qualifying as submariners.

They said the key to enjoying life as a submariner was to get on well with other people, study hard and sleep when you can.