Siblings seek healthy alternative

LtoR: Hope (13) and Kurt (15) Williams (Port Kennedy)
LtoR: Hope (13) and Kurt (15) Williams (Port Kennedy)

PORT Kennedy siblings Hope (13) and Kurt (15) Williams are among the minority when it comes to soft drink consumption.

While they both like it, they consider it a treat to have with the occasional family takeaway or dinner out, or at a party with friends and family.

A self-confessed ‘health nut’, Hope said she enjoyed regular exercise and watched what she ate, and while she didn’t notice too many of her peers drinking sugary drinks to excess, she felt sugar could be just as addictive as nicotine.

Kurt had braces put on about six weeks ago and has months ahead of him when he will not be able to have soft drink, but is not too worried about it.

‘We only have it occasionally so I’m not really missing it,’ he said.

Mum Deb said water and milk were staples in the family fridge, a conscious decision made by she and husband Shane, but different to her own upbringing when soft drink was a regular item in the shopping trolley.

‘I had it regularly as a kid and I was overweight,’ she said. ‘As I grew older, I realised the importance of food choices.

‘I decided we didn’t need soft drink because it has too much sugar.’