Skydiving approved

The City passed the permit to allow Wollongong-based Skydive the Beach to land tandem skydivers on the beach between Victoria Street and Governor Road, despite dozens of residents raising concerns.

However, the City has placed 14 conditions on the permit.

The operator can only land skydivers between 9am and 3pm seven days a week, except public holidays, and the approval is initially only valid for six months.

In addition to skydiving, the City also offers kite surfing, wind surfing, dolphin diving and land yachting.

Skydive the Beach director Anthony Boucaut said the business would be a multimillion-dollar boost to the region’s economy and provide local jobs.

‘It will stimulate the local economy, increase overnight stays, increase domestic and international tourist visits, boost local employment, and diversify tourism offerings in Rockingham,’ she said.

The company operates several tandem skydive operations around Australia.

However, residents near the beach, including Pauline Boothey, are concerned introducing an extreme sport to the area could ruin the tranquil beach.

‘I know the elderly people can be intimidated by these kinds of sports and the beach is extremely important to them,’ she said.