Slight lift in City’s rating

About 8000 surveys were mailed to randomly selected households throughout the city, with 1375 valid forms returned, or about 17 per cent.

Respondents considered the City to be performing well in the areas of rubbish collection, parks and gardens, local roads, street lighting, libraries and other facilities, fire and litter management.

Areas of focus identified for the coming year included footpaths and cycle ways, graffiti management, community health and wellbeing, caring for the environment, safety programs and public toilets.

About 57 per cent of survey respondents had some form of contact with the City in the past year, with 47 per cent preferring to do so by phone. However the City also recorded a boost in social media interaction with nearly 17,500 followers on Facebook.

Mayor Barry Sammels said the changing areas of focus showed the City was making progress.

“Year to year respondents’ key concerns are shifting, which indicates to me that we are addressing priority areas of focus for residents,” he said.

“More than a fact-finding exercise, the City uses these results to help find methods and create strategies which really address these areas of concern for residents.

“We take the feedback on board and endeavour to seriously improve on the areas people identify for us. I look forward to implementing solutions to these findings.”

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