Speak up on zoning

The WAPC has initiated the amendment to the Metropolitan Region Scheme to bring the land, bounded by Bertram Road to the north, Tamblyn Place and Johnson Road to the east and the Peel Main Drain to the south and west, in line with the zoning of the rest of the area.

The land will eventually be rezoned to urban and form part of the extensive residential development in line for Wellard East, Casuarina, Mandogalup, Wandi and Anketell, once a district water management survey is approved and a bushfire hazard assessment undertaken.

Bollard Bulrush Swamp will remain a rural-zoned wetland and is intended to be ceded free of cost to the Crown.

The subject site is expected to become a residential development within five years.

Local structure planning of the land will occur once the urban deferment has been lifted and will be subject to further public consultation.

The Department of Education has indicated an new primary school for the area would be an important consideration during structure planning.

The amendment has been categorised as ‘minor’ as the scale and the area of the proposed amendment is not considered ‘regionally significant’ and brings the land into line with other parts of Wellard.