Stolen sausage roll and hat lands man $250 fine in Rockingham Magistrates Court

A SAUSAGE roll and a hat did little to cheer a man up after he was fined for attempting to steal the items from a Warnbro service station.

Raymond Joseph Jacobs appeared at Rockingham Magistrates Court on Tuesday where he pleaded guilty to stealing and assault.

The prosecutor said Jacobs entered the Warnbro service station and walked about the store stealing items before a store attendant confronted him.

Jacobs picked up a nearby jar of coffee and threw it at the attendant’s head, but she put her hands up and it hit her hand.

She received soreness to her thumb.

Magistrate Susan Richardson asked Jacobs if there was anything he wanted to say to the court.

“I was having a bad day so I took the sausage roll and a hat,” he said.

“No one confronted me but I did throw the coffee at them.”

Magistrate Richardson said there was always a penalty for such actions.

“If you behave in that way there can be these unintended consequences,” she said.

“It was at the lower end of the scale but in these situations we just walk away and not get angry; just keep away.”

She fined him $250.