The Telstra tower went to the council for comment and will now be considered by the WA Planning Commission.

The proximity to residential land does not conform with the City�s local planning policy, which requires a separation of 300m.

The City sought feedback from properties in a 300m radius of the site, with four submissions received. One supported the site and three were against it on health, visual amenity and loss of property concerns.

The council considered that on balance, and given favourable comments from the Department of Health, the benefits of the telecommunications service to the community outweigh non- compliance with the LPP.

City officers also considered it timely to review the LPP in light of telecom- munication requirements.

Wellard and Leda experience patchy reception and Telstra considered several sites, including Chisham Avenue in Kwinana, but settled on the train station because the closer the proximity to affected suburbs, the stronger the signal.