Triple time for busy volunteers

Kwinana South Volunteer Bushfire Brigade started four decades ago with a donated four-wheel drive and a handful of local people committed to keeping properties in the area safe.

Today, the bounds of Kwinana South includes the Kwinana Freeway to the east, Millar Road to the south, Thomas Road to the north and Casuarina in the east.

The brigade has three appliances and up to 50 members on the books, including auxiliary members who work behind the scenes to keep the brigade running smoothly.

Captain Eddie Mouna joined 16 years ago and encouraged others to come on board as many who had served for 25 or more years were looking towards retirement.

�We struggled a little for a few years for members but membership has been good the past 18 months,� he said.

It is just as well, because firefighters faced many major bushfires in the locality in the recent bushfire season.

�We�ve had close to triple our normal callouts and provided a lot of outside help to other brigades,� Capt Mouna said.

�It�s been a struggle this year; it�s a huge credit to the guys that have done it.

People who are interested in joining Kwinana South should contact the City of Kwinana.