Tug-of-war over plan for marina

Greens South Metropolitan Region MLC Lynn MacLaren tabled a motion in Parliament last week to note the community opposition to the controversial project and to call on the government to honour a 1964 land deal with the Commonwealth on the site.

Ms MacLaren said the Commonwealth had sold the land to the state on the condition it remain a reserve or parklands and that the area was precious to the Rockingham community and international visitors in its current form.

In May, the Environmental Protection Authority gave conditional approval of the joint Cedar Woods and Landcorp proposal for a 500-pen marina and tourism precinct.

During the debate, Ms MacLaren criticised Liberal MLC Ken Baston for comments he made about the appearance of the Point Peron and Mangles Bay area during the debate.

Mr Baston said when he visited the area he found boats and litter washed up on the beach.

He said a marina would help ‘beautify’ the area.

‘It is a beautiful place, or it can be,’ he said.

‘There is much litter along the beach and foreshore. I agree that access is needed and that the area needs to be pulled into gear.’

Mr Baston questioned whether graceful sun moths that were reported at the site were found there anymore.

‘I did not see any of them around but I can understand why they have left,’ he said.

South Metropolitan Region MLC Phil Edman also questioned the value of the site in its current state.

‘There is some degraded land and some of these old, asbestos-ridden shacks,’ he said.

‘Jeez, members cannot tell me that that is a great place for families.’