Two more years in jail for paedophile

Darryl James Osborne (37) was sentenced in 2012 to 10 years prison after being convicted of molesting the boys while working as a parent helper for a local school and possessing nearly 2000 images of child pornography.

Last week Osborne was sentenced to a further two years after pleading guilty to six sexual offences against boys aged under 13, five of which were committed when he was on bail for his earlier offences.

It then emerged earlier this week that no one in the small Wheatbelt town where the offences took place knew about his history, despite his bail order stipulating he have no unsupervised contact with a child under the age of 16.

Speaking on Tuesday on ABC 720, State Police Minister Liza Harvey told host Geoff Hutchison ‘clearly the system has let this community down’ in regards to Osborne and that she needed time to understand the situation.

‘I will be giving it my absolute utmost effort to look at improving our processes and our systems to try and stop this from happening again,’ she said.

‘To do that I need more time to understand exactly what went on here and how we can better manage this kind of offender in the community.’

The District Court heard Osborne abused the six-year-old school friend of one of his sons while he was visiting the family home and also abused two brothers, aged 11 and 12, at a public pool in the town where he was working.

He also indecently dealt with another boy at the same swimming pool and threatened to kill the 10-year-old’s family if he told anyone.

During sentencing, Judge Gerard Staude said it was clear Osborne took advantage of his situation to commit the offences.

‘My understanding of your explanation for the offences is that you were aware that you were going to prison in relation to the offences that you had already committed and you considered you would lose nothing by taking advantage of further opportunities to offend.’