VIDEO: the annual salmon run has hit the Perth metropolitan area

Pic: WA Museum picture of West Australian Salmon
Pic: WA Museum picture of West Australian Salmon

The Salmon are here…. A recent video posted to the Salmon School tracker Facebook page showed that salmon schools have reached the metropolitan area.

Chris N Tenielle Hill posted a video on salmon schools off Rockingham on Friday evening (April 6).

However Recfishwest is reminding fishers to act responsibly.

Responsible fishing

Humane, clean and safe salmon fishing is promoted by recreational fishing lobby Recfishwest during the annual spawning run during Easter.

“The Japanese-style method of iki jime is the most humane method of killing the fish, using a spike in the soft part of the fish’s skull, above and behind the eye, and then bleed the fish and put it immediately on ice for the best eating,” Recfishwest communications officer Tim Grose said.

Fisheries officers will patrol the most popular metropolitan areas for salmon, including the North and South Moles in Fremantle and Coogee’s Ammo Jetty and Woodman Point, to ensure fishers do not breach the daily four-fish bag limit and dispose of the fish and offal from their cleaning properly.

Mr Grose said salmon should be bled on the beach, away from the water where sharks could be attracted and the public who could be offended.

Bait bags, discarded tackle and lines should be taken home to be binned and not pollute the sea.

Other fishers’ spaces had to be respected, and if it was crowded new arrivals should move to another location, where the highly mobile salmon may swim to anyway.

Recfishwest and Fisheries are currently studying the economic impact of the annual spawning run along the south coast and north of Perth, with the results – to be used in management of the fishery – expected to be complete in about a year.

“Last week, I drove to Hamelin Bay to chase salmon for a day and spent $190, so that worked out that each fish I caught was worth $20 to $30,” Mr Grose said.

AUSTRALIAN salmon (arripis truttaceus) in WA:

Minimum legal size 300mm.
Daily bag limit is four fish.
WA’s is the largest of three species.
Noongar name is ngari (pronounced ‘nyari’).
WA spawning run in autumn.