Waikiki songstress India Bradshaw to launch EP

India Bradshaw. Picture: Winda Adjani Photography
India Bradshaw. Picture: Winda Adjani Photography

WAIKIKI singer/songwriter India Bradshaw will launch her EP at the Mary Davis Library in Baldivis on May 31.

The former Living Waters Lutheran College student was a finalist in the Fairbridge Songwriting Quest and won the Baldivis Talent Competition.

She has also participated in the City of Rockingham’s Festival of New Talent.

Describing her music as indie pop or folk, India said she was influenced by what she was listening to at the time of writing songs.

“I enjoy being able to convey a feeling or moment in a way that people can relate to,” she said.

“I have been singing nearly forever but have only been playing for about five years.

“I’m also not very good at guitar but I do try.”

India said she had big dreams for her future.

“But as long as I have my voice and some nice people around me then I’ll be pretty content,” she said.

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