Warnbro: man fined after being caught on CCTV pooing at property after failing to break in

A MAN who failed to break into a property proceeded to defecate near a gate, Rockingham Magistrates Court was told on April 10.

Trent Anthony Stratton pleaded guilty to damaging property.

The prosecutor said Stratton was captured on CCTV at a Warnbro home on December 26, 2016.

He was seen damaging a lock on the home’s mailbox before he walked down the side of the home to a closed gate.

He tried several times to break the lock, damaging it in the process.

Unable to obtain entry, he turned and defecated near the gate.

He told police he was extremely drunk and could not remember the incident but he must have done it as it was clearly him on the CCTV.

He caused $100 in damage to the locks.

Representing himself, Stratton told Magistrate Vivian Edwards what he had done.

“I was drunk and looking for toilet paper,” he said.

“I hadn’t drunk for a while.”

Magistrate Edwards said he had previous offences relating to alcohol and criminal damage.

She fined him $750 and ordered $100 compensation to be paid to the victim.