Warnbro: man who aspired to be Rockingham mayor convicted of criminal damage

Geoff Stuart wanted to be mayor of Rockingham. Picture: PhotoCoffee
Geoff Stuart wanted to be mayor of Rockingham. Picture: PhotoCoffee

ONE of last year’s council candidates with designs on being City of Rockingham mayor has been convicted of driving into signs and drawing a map on an electrical box at a Warnbro park.

Edward Geoffrey Stuart pleaded guilty to three criminal damage charges when he appeared at Rockingham Magistrates Court today.

The prosecutor said the offences happened between September and October last year.

She said Stuart was recorded on CCTV at the Mead Street Reserve driving his car at a sign three times, causing it to bend further each time, just after 8pm on September 8.

On September 7 at 8.37am he was recorded on CCTV riding his mobility scooter before he was seen defacing signage at the same reserve.

On October 23 between 12pm and 11am October 24 he attended the same reserve where he was seen writing his preferred layout of park furniture on an electric meterbox at the reserve.

The signs and park furniture are all property of the City of Rockingham.

When he was later spoken to by police he made mention of an ongoing issue with the City.

The duty lawyer said the 68-year-old accepted the facts.

She said there had been an ongoing dispute with neighbours and the City.

“He drew the map of how he thought the park furniture should be,” she said.

She said he was recovering from some medical conditions at the time and asked for a spent conviction.

Magistrate Thomas Hall refused to grant a spent conviction.

“It’s very childish behaviour – it’s very surprising at your age,” he said.

“As you say there are ongoing issues, I am not satisfied you are unlikely to commit these offences again.”

He was fined $900.

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