Warning after needles found at children’s park

Warning after needles found at children’s park

AFTER the discovery of needles at Fantasy Park, City of Rockingham Mayor Sammels is urging the public contact the City immediately should they come across any.

He said needles were being found in public places and it is an issue that occurs across the City.

“The City’s Litter Busters did recently collect needles from Fantasy Park in Waikiki,” he said.

Needles were found recently by a resident near clothing bins at Fantasy Park in Waikiki.

He said there are disposal facilities at toilet blocks at parks across the City but for safety reasons urged residents not to touch them.

“If residents do come across needles in parks and other public areas they are urged to report the matter to the City immediately,” he said.

“From there, City staff who are trained in the handling of sharps will be able to assist in the safe removal of the objects.”