Wellard family to take part in Big Walk for PMH Foundation

Wellard family to take part in Big Walk for PMH Foundation

A WELLARD family will be taking part in the Big Walk for PMH Foundation next month to raise money for the new Perth Children’s Hospital.

Alexey Ulupov (8) had a stroke when he was two months old, which led to a range of complications including cerebral palsy and severe seizures.

He also lost the ability to use one of his arms.

Alexey has had extensive rehabilitation at Princess Margaret Hospital and was the first child to use a new piece of equipment, the Robotic Arm.

The Robotic Arm has helped Alexey retrain his arm muscles to regain limited movement in his left arm.

His mother Anna said she was grateful to the PMH team for their support.

“We didn’t think Alexey would be able to use his left arm,” she said.

“But since the PMH Foundation bought the Robotic Arm, we’ve seen a huge improvement in Alexey.

“It has improved his ability and potential.

“It also gives other families hope.”

Mrs Ulupov said her family was participating in the Big Walk to help continue the foundation’s good work.

“It is thanks to the Paediatric Rehabilitation Team at PMH that Alexey walking 6km is even possible,” she said.

Mrs Ulupov said Alexey was now doing well and was in a supportive environment at Peter Carnley Anglican Community School.

She said Alexey would probably always have a disability, however he could look forward to living life to its fullest.

“He is the happiest boy you could ever meet,” she said.

WHAT: The Big Walk for PMH Foundation

WHEN: Sunday, November 13

WHERE: around the Swan River, Perth

TO DONATE: visit https://bigwalk.com.au/news/team-alexey/