Wheeling and dealing leads to conviction

A man was convicted in Rockingham Magistrates Court on July 21 of possessing stolen property.

The prosecutor said a friend of the 19-year-old victim stole the bike from an address in Leederville, then later gave it to the man.

Deciding to sell the bike for cash, the man�s friend advertised it on Gumtree for $250.

The victim saw his bike advertised and, feigning an interest in the bike, called the seller and arranged to meet at Aqua Jetty in Warnbro.

The victim had earlier alerted police to the situation and when the seller turned up he, along with the man, were caught by police. Through his lawyer, the man said he should have asked more questions of his friend.

He also said the bike had some damage so he did not think it was stolen.

Magistrate Susan Richardson agreed with the man that he should have asked more questions.

She fined him $300.