White ants cost more at City hall

Medina Hall.
Medina Hall.

The City has also been forced to spend an extra $45,000 installing new water pumps and tanks in the area after Department of Fire and Emergency Services tests found nearby hydrant pressures were below the required levels.

As a result, the water meter is required to be moved to a more appropriate location to meet Water Corporation standards for the required 100mm service supply line.

Kwinana Mayor Carol Adams said the City originally budgeted for potential white ant damage at the hall, but the extent of the problem was not identified until significant demolition had been completed.

‘Renovations of existing structures hold a naturally higher risk of unforeseen issues than the construction of brand new buildings,’ Cr Adams said.

‘A lesser contributing issue to the cost increase was the unforeseen remedial work required on the building’s footings, which could only be confirmed after works had commenced.’

Cr Adams said the additional works were ‘essential’. ‘Engineering guidelines require the damage to be addressed or the building to be demolished,’ she said.

‘Given how valuable the Medina Hall is to the local community, as a cultural and historical landmark, the City is working hard to ensure the project is not delayed, and costs are minimised.

‘The revamp of Medina Hall is part of the City’s larger Medina Townsite Revitalisation ” a project that aims to breathe new life into Kwinana’s most historical suburb.’

Expected completion date for the redevelopment is around late June this year.