Woman four times over limit loses licence for 30 months

A WOMAN with an alcohol reading four times above the legal limit has lost her licence for 30 months for reversing her car in her own street.

Tammy Lee McNair pleaded guilty to driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol when she appeared at Rockingham Magistrates Court on January 30.

The prosecutor said it was just after 9pm on January 4 at Hillman when McNair drove her car from her home to the intersection of her street before reversing it back down the road and onto her driveway.

She said McNair then did it a second time.

Police were called as there was also a disturbance in the same street.

They said she gave a breathalyser reading of .23. Children were riding bicycles in the street at the time.

Magistrate Vivian Edwards asked why she had such a high reading.

“Kids were not riding around the street it was dark, after 9pm,” she said.

“It had been at my friend’s birthday and there a man who caused problems. He pushed her onto the driveway and threw a bottle at her.

“I only drove past three houses. It was a silly decision. I’m disgusted with myself.

“The car has been impounded.”

Magistrate Edwards fined her $2100 along with the disqualification, which McNair questioned.

“It is my first drink driving offence in 14 years – why is this treated as a second offence?” she asked.

Magistrate Edwards said records lasted 20 years.

McNair is due to re-appear for legal advice on February 27 to face further charges.