Women detained after residential brothel raid

Women detained after residential brothel raid

A CHINESE woman accused of organising sex workers within WA’s Great Southern region is in custody after a raid at a suspected residential brothel in Albany.

Australian Border Force officers detained the woman, who was described as being an unlawful non-citizen, as part of a national operation.

The ABF said the woman was an unlawful non-citizen, who is suspected of organising sex workers within the wider Great Southern region.

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ABF officers conducted enforcement activity on a suspected residential brothel in Albany, WA.

A second Chinese woman was also detained and had her visa cancelled for working in breach of her visa conditions. Both women will be removed from Australia as soon as possible.

Investigations are continuing as part of Operation Battenrun, a national initiative which protects vulnerable workers by targeting foreign nationals acting as unscrupulous labour hire intermediaries facilitating illegal work.

ABF Commander of Field Operations, James Copeman, said the ABF was resolutely determined to stamp out damaging and deceitful labour hire intermediaries operating in the in a number of different sectors including but not limited to the agriculture and construction industries.

“Abusive and exploitive treatment of illegal workers is an unacceptable practice – illegal workers are generally highly vulnerable and often underpaid,” Commander Copeman said.

“Not only are the individuals facilitating illegal worker exploitation and making large profits at their expense, they are also disadvantaging local businesses who do the right things by paying and treating their workers properly.

“Our investigations are ongoing into all of the activity that has occurred in the past week, and enforcement operations will continue to occur,” Commander Copeman added.

Anyone with information about illegal work is encouraged to report it to the ABF’s Border Watch at australia.gov.au/borderwatch.

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