Students Learn Leadership Skills on Leeuwin II

FOUR aspiring young leaders from the Kwinana Industries Council (KIC) iWOMEN and iMEN programs have returned from a week of leadership development and self-discovery aboard the STS Leeuwin II.

Bryony Soden, Odessa Manaloto and Robert Harris, from Safety Bay Senior High School, and Comet Bay College student Declan Wiersma were selected during this year’s iPROJECTS, to receive a full scholarship sponsored by KIC.

The students were given the opportunity to sail aboard the Leeuwin and further develop their life and leadership skills.

The local students were selected for showing continuous leadership skills during the iPROJECTS, which aim to provide Year 10 students with a real sense of what industries in the Kwinana Industrial Area (KIA) do, and the volume of career options available.

The unique sailing experience resulted in each of the students stepping outside their comfort zones in a series of activities, including climbing a 33-metre main mast, standing watch at night and taking the helm, and steering the ship’s course.