Checking alarms not a foolish act

Checking alarms not a foolish act

I OFTEN cause chaos in the kitchen.

When I fry bacon, sausages or onions, our smoke detector lets off an ear-piercing wail.

Hubby gets annoyed that his news and/or footy watching is disturbed.

The children get tea towels and do their best matador impersonations under the alarm.

Then the dog starts to howl.

At least I know the smoke alarm works.

Today is April 1, the day the Department of Fire and Emergency Services encourages residents to change smoke alarm batteries. The batteries should be long-life and of high quality.

If you have mains-powered smoke alarms, read the manufacturers’ instructions to check if they require back-up batteries that need changing.

When house fires start, only working smoke alarms provide the critical early warning needed to save lives and minimise property damage.

Smoke alarms should also be tested once a month. All smoke alarms have a test button.

Alternatively, I can come and cook for you.

Vanessa Schmitt – Editor