Opinion: rejection of Mangles Bay Marina development heralds new and prosperous time for Rockingham

The beach at Mangles Bay.
The beach at Mangles Bay.

THE recent decision to not proceed with the Mangles Bay Marina proposal is big news for Rockingham and heralds a new and prosperous time.

Many countries in the world have some form of marina/canal development and if you have seen one you have seen them all.

Why would you travel halfway across the world to see something that’s in your own backyard?

The future Port Rockingham Marina has foresight as it not only offers future employment but considers the environment around it by acting as a support network to existing businesses on and around the foreshore.

Should Point Peron be ruled an A-class reserve and turned in to a coastal park then tourists will be offered something rare – an opportunity to see both man-made created spaces for recreation side by side with a pristine natural environment.

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This gives Rockingham an edge, making it a unique and a must-see tourist destination.

Not even Mandurah offers two very different attractions so close together.

Both these projects have a view to long term sustainability on many levels returning greater prospects for the local economy to thrive for years to come.

Together they attract a wider audience, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

It is very exciting and the future is bright for the area by giving the community what it has desperately needed for many years, stability.

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