Baldivis: Wind challenges West Coast Masters cyclists

Baldivis local Phil Diesel wins B grade. Photo: Nick Cowie
Baldivis local Phil Diesel wins B grade. Photo: Nick Cowie

THE wind made cycling a challenge for West Coast Masters, who raced at the Dog Hill circuit in Baldivis on Sunday .

Doug Stewart and Colin Rose spent five laps off the front of A grade.

Ian Gregory came first, Martin Depiazzi second and Chris Roberts third.

On the second lap, B grade split into two groups but the first group increased the gap every lap.

In the bunch sprint, Phil Diesel came first, Scott Ayles second and Mark Taylor third.

C grade raced at a fast enough pace to stop most attacks but a couple of riders were still put into difficulty and were dropped.

In the bunch sprint Greg Smith came first, with Julian Bleddyn second and Shane Cable third.

D grade split by the end of the first lap.

Five riders were chased by three riders, and the stragglers were left behind.

Jarred Finnigan came first, Ian McFail second and Graham Blyth third.

E grade was a race of attrition but the stronger riders set a good pace.

A few riders were dropped during the 43 kilometre race.

However, there were enough riders to contest a sprint finish, which was won by Anthony Clews, with Trevor Holms second and Bob Stephens third.

Next Saturday Peel District Cycling Club will race at the Dog Hill circuit, while West Coast Masters will head north to Neerabup on Sunday morning.