Game called off in bad weather

Game called off in bad weather

Heading into the top-of-the table clash, Rockingham were just one point behind the Reds on the J7/8 C Mixed ladder and it was evident early that the match was going to be a closely-fought affair.

Ebony Trainor was busy with a stellar performance across left half back and not even the relentless wind could stop her attacking instincts.

Ben Van Koolbergen also was dangerous and continually pressured the opposition.

Jayden Meddings scored Rockingham’s first goal and the match was deadlocked at half-time.

In the second half, prime movers Matthew Anson, Jayden Meddings and Ben Watt showcased their class in the midfield and eventually started dictating the contest.

With 15 minutes left, the weather deteriorated but Rockingham were unperturbed and continued to attack relentlessly.

Van Koolbergen proved the hero when he slapped in a perfectly timed shot and his goal edged Rockingham in front.

But an exciting finish did not eventuate, as the weather intervened and the game was called off.

In J9/10 boys action, Rockingham came from behind to defeat Kalamunda 4-2 on June 22.