Waikiki podiatrist takes out Tri Crew Balboa award

Waikiki podiatrist takes out Tri Crew Balboa award

WAIKIKI Podiatrist Ben Trewben was awarded the Balboa award at the Stay Classy Tri Crew presentation night at Hotel Clipper on February 25.

The Balboa Award is given to the person within the triathlon group who has displayed a capacity to overcome setbacks, sacrifice and dedication.

Trewben’s day would normally start at 4.30 am to complete several hours training on bike or long run sessions before family commitments and running his podiatry practice.

The Stay Classy Tri Crew is made up of financiers, business owners, defence force personnel, blue collar workers as well as emergency service personnel.

Athletes within the Stay Classy Tri Crew have also completed Ironman Melbourne, Taupo NZ, Busselton and world championship events in Australia, Canada and the USA.

Group members have also participated in trail runs of 50km and 100km, and several members have successfully completed events including the Rottnest swim, Mountain Bike classics such as Cape to Cape, Dawn till Dusk 12hr, Tour of Margaret River 3 day Road Race and Cross Adventure.

Two members will prepare for their journey to ride across Australia in the 2018 Indian Pacific Wheel Race covering 5500km commencing on March 17 from Fremantle and finishing at the Sydney Opera House.

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