Waikiki teen journeying to Victoria for floorball tournament

Luke Posik in his floorball kit.
Luke Posik in his floorball kit.

LUKE Posik (13) never imagined a trip to the Rockingham Shopping Centre would result in him playing in the Junior Australian Floorball Open in Victoria this July.

Floorball is of Scandinavian origin and is played on a wooden floor with a stick and a ball.

It is similar to hockey and has five players and a goalkeeper in a team.

The Waikiki teen’s position is goalkeeper.

He has played the game for three years for the Scorpions who practice at the Mike Barnett Sports Complex.

As there is no junior team he has been playing alongside senior players and is excited for his eastern states debut.

“We go to Pakenham in Victoria where I’ll play in the 2018 Junior Floorball Open,” he said.

“There will be a sports display too – yeah I’m excited.”

International and Australian teams will compete at the event that begins on July 11.

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