Same sex marriage: Moore, Pearce and Cowan politicians react

Same sex marriage: Moore, Pearce and Cowan politicians react

MORE than two thirds of respondents in the Moore electorate voted yes in the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey.

The ABS released results of the survey today, revealing 61.6 per cent of more than 12.7 million responses received supported marriage equality.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he intended to make same sex marriage law by Christmas.

Locally, 68 per cent of Moore respondents voted yes, as did 63.9 per cent in Pearce and 58.8 per cent in Cowan.

Moore MHR Ian Goodenough said the Federal Government had given Australians the opportunity to have their say on same-sex marriage.

“Whilst I have made my personal views on this issue clear, my job is to represent the electorate of Moore, which has returned a majority ‘yes’ vote, so this is what I intend to reflect in parliament,” he said.

“The Bill will be introduced into the Senate tomorrow for debate.

“Once it has gone through this process it will be transmitted to the House of Representatives where it will then undergo further constructive debate.”

Mr Goodenough said he wanted to see amendments to protect religious beliefs and freedom of speech but would ultimately support the passage of the legislation.

Cowan MHR Anne Aly said she was happy and proud with the “overwhelming yes” result and would vote for the legislation.

Dr Aly said the Senate was due to debate WA Senator Dean Smith’s Bill this week.

“I hope it gets up – it contains enough protections for religious beliefs and religious freedom,” she said.

Pearce MHR Christian Porter said the overall participation rate of 79.5 per cent showed Australians had had their say.

“In Pearce there was a participation rate of 76.3 per cent with 63.9 per cent voting ‘yes’,” he said.

“I personally voted yes, and when I undertake my duties as an elected Member of Parliament I will represent the views of the Pearce electorate which also returned a ‘yes’ vote.

“However, I will be keeping a close eye on the levels of protections that are built into the private member’s bill for religious organisations and churches.”

RESULTS: Australia votes ‘yes’ to same sex marriage, with WA among the leaders

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