Sailing: Hillarys Yacht Club draws first blood in North Coast Series trophy

Sandrine placed third in both races.
Sandrine placed third in both races.

IN season 2016-17 Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club yachties ripped the North Coast Series trophy from the grip of Hillarys Yacht Club (HYC) where it had been held for three years with a convincing win.

On Sunday, the first of five days’ racing spread over the new season, HYC struck the first blow in a tight contest narrowly winning the day 110 to 121 points.

In a brisk southerly breeze the action was fast and furious as the boats tacked upwind before running downwind with spinnakers for two laps, taking only 30 minutes for the elite boats.

Yachts re-grouped and did it again in race two.

Deckchairs Overboard’s Neil Harrison had something to prove for his visiting Sydney to Hobart fellow crewman and was first and fastest in race one for HYC in division 1 while Graham Atkinson on Covert Operation did likewise in race two of division 2.

Ocean Reef SSC performed strongly in division two with Feelin Free and Panache picking up pennants in both races, however, the overall depth of the HYC team in both divisions prevailed on the day for a narrow win.


Hillarys Yacht Club vs Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club, North Coast Series Day 1 Sunday 29/10/2017

Race 1, NCSdiv1: 1st and fastest Deckchairs Overboard (N.Harrison HYC); 2nd Lamotrek (J.Akers HYC); 3rd Sandrine (I.Conboy HYC). NCSdiv2: 1st Feelin Free (A.Peacham ORSSC); 2nd Panache (G & Rita James ORSSC); 3rd and fastest Covert Operation (G.Atkinson & B.Brouwer HYC).

Race 2, NCSdiv1: 1st Hard Evidence (D.Riley & M.Fox HYC); 2nd Stump Jumper (S.Irwin ORSSC); 3rd Sandrine (I.Conboy HYC); fastest Deckchairs Overboard (N.Harrison HYC). NCSdiv2: 1st and fastest Covert Operation (G.Atkinson & B.Brouwer HYC); 2nd Feelin Free (A.Peacham ORSSC); tie 3rd Panache (G & Rita James ORSSC) and Petite Bateau (D.Woodhouse ORSSC).

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