Artistry on display

Jewellers Sue and John Blennerhassett.
Jewellers Sue and John Blennerhassett.

The couple, married for 21 years, has won design and craftsmanship awards in the past but this is their first award for merchandising.

Mrs Blennerhassett ” the artisan of the jewellery ” said they were both very happy to be acknowledged, twice because they were a finalist in the Best Large Retail Jeweller too.

‘The Jewellery Industry Awards are new in that this is its second year and they award people in other areas of the trade instead of only in craftsmanship and design,’ she said.

‘The other awards that we have won have been more craftsmanship and design orientated so this was something different and there are only two categories that are open to a retail manufacturer like us; the others are more wholesale suppliers sales rep type thing.

‘This is the first time we have entered in this category and been nominated.’

The awards night took place on the Gold Coast on February 28 and the trophy only arrived last week.

Mrs Blennerhassett said she ‘wants to keep celebrating’ and was proud to showcase her displays as well as the jewellery.

‘We train our staff and pride ourselves on our jewellery because our jewellery is so unique and so different and because we have handcrafted it ourselves and then it translates into the way we present our shop,’ she said.

Mr Blennerhassett said the display represented the uniqueness of the jewellery that was presented when customers saw the pieces.

‘The display represents the type of jewellery we create and the effort that we put into our jewellery wins awards,’ he said.