Juicy Box mobile business owner operating at Mosman Park Beach suggests changing trading permit system

The Juicy Box operator Pip Porteous sets up near Mosman Park Beach.
The Juicy Box operator Pip Porteous sets up near Mosman Park Beach.

JUICY Box owner Pip Porteous is the fourth mobile business operator to work the carparks at Mosman Park Beach.

She bought her distinctive trailer, covered in artificial turf, several weeks ago and has traded in the Curtin Avenue carpark opposite the Beehive Montessori School on five days.

‘I would also like to go to other sites, perhaps to Leighton Beach too,’ Mrs Porteous said.

She said she was waiting for warmer weather to attract crowds to the beach before selling her freshly squeezed juices more frequently.

The trailer joins early morning van Coffee Rescue and an ice cream van at the beach. A Brazilian food truck operates further south at Leighton Beach.

Mrs Porteous kept the permit obtained by the van’s previous owner but said the system was a burden on traders, who had to apply to councils for permission to operate at individual sites.

She will investigate getting permission to park at Leighton Beach and will have to ask for her permit to be extended by Mosman Park Council after November.

Mosman Park regulatory services manager Thomas Abbott said any unauthorised trader would be fined or asked to move on.

The carpark near the school may have a fifth operator if conversion of a former bus is completed to serve food and drinks from a fold-down deck.

‘The conversion is taking longer than expected as we originally thought we would be trading by now,’ Diamond Lounge Limocoach and food bus operator John Calcraft said.