Cleaning up with client support

Cathy Dalton shows off her innovative product.
Cathy Dalton shows off her innovative product.

Revolutionising washbasin treatments, the high-grade silicon rubber product is an ergonomically designed head and neck support cushion for salon sinks invented by naturopath Catherine Randabel and business partner Cathy Dalton.

Following constant complaints from clients about neck pain and injury post-salon treatments, Randabel found an emerging need to tackle the recurrent issue at the source.

‘The aim was to enhance the overall salon experience, with the HeadBed having been custom- made to support a client’s head at its heaviest point,’ she said.

‘It relieves any unnecessary pressure on the neck, allowing the neck muscles to completely relax whilst at the wash basin and improves one of the most integral parts of the pampering experience.’

The businesswomen soon realised their solution was capable of going international and now have their product on salon sinks across Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and Germany.

The success looks like only the beginning as the pair travel to the London Salon International, the Bucharest Hair Expo and Paris Mondial Coiffure Beautee soon.