Counter claims from Hwy end

Two permanent pedestrian counters were placed outside Empire Furniture and Mecca Cosmetica last year and data from these showed foot traffic had increased by 20 per from September to December.

Throughout the months since the counters’ installation, the total average foot traffic along the terrace has been between 3099 and 3411 people a day.

December alone had between 114,191 and 121,475 people passing by the counters with a 36 per cent leap in foot traffic in the week before Christmas.

A Beautiful City installed the counters and compiled the results, with another report expected to be released in early February.

‘The retailers have been astonished at the number of foot traffic there,’ A Beautiful City chief executive Nicholas Takacs said.

But shop owners down the Stirling Highway end believe the data collected from the counters does not reflect the entire Terrace.

‘The indications were very good because you can see from the graphs the traffic that was going and it was good news,’ Claremont Tableware owner Mike Friesner said.

‘But they should try (the counters) down this end and see what happens.

‘Then they’d get a shock.

Monde Design Store owner Patrick Ghirardi said: ‘I’d say the top end would have had more traffic than this end and that’s always been the case.’

Town of Claremont Mayor Jock Barker said the Stirling Highway end of Bay View Terrace had always been quieter but new tenants would be moving into some of the vacant shops soon.

‘The council is consistently looking at ways to improve it but it’s a hard ask when the cornerstone ” On the Terrace ” is vacant,’ Mr Barker said.

Mr Takacs said that if the opportunity arose, he would like to put counters down the other end as well.

‘We certainly want to improve foot traffic in all places,’ he said.