SHOP LOCAL: Jeweller Scott Broadley opens first retail shop: Broadleys

Scott Broadley (Broadleys Fine Jewellery) in his new store Picture: Andrew Ritchie   d489859
Scott Broadley (Broadleys Fine Jewellery) in his new store Picture: Andrew Ritchie d489859

JEWELLER of 22 years Scott Broadley has opened his first retail store.

Broadleys Fine Jewellery and Antiques in Claremont opened six weeks before Christmas after the Victoria Park resident spent three months renovating the Railway Road shop to create an industrial feel.

Mr Broadley said he wanted people to feel comfortable in the space so there was no counter or “sell, sell, sell” atmosphere.

Instead, customers can browse the custom-made and antique jewellery at their leisure and watch the jeweller in action on the work bench.

Broadleys sells custom-made and antique jewellery

The father of two previously worked out of his parents jewellery shop House of Riches, which closed after 37 years at the end of 2018.

Mr Broadley specialises in engagement and wedding rings but said having his own shop gave him more freedom to work on passion projects like redesigning old pieces.

He said customers often came to him with jewellery that had been passed down by older generations or pieces they didn’t like wearing anymore, to have them remodelled in to something they wanted to wear.

“The shop offers diversity. I have modern, retro, vintage and antique pieces ranging vastly in price from as little as a $190,” Mr Broadley said.

“Having the onsite workshop I can carry out repairs, remodelling and custom makes where the clients are actually sitting down and talking to the person that will be physically making their piece of jewellery.”

From February, Broadleys Fine Jewellery and Antiques, which even has it’s own custom scented candle, will host champagne Fridays on the last week of every month where customers can enjoy a glass of champagne and browse the collection or get their jewellery cleaned.