SHOP LOCAL: Nedlands businesswoman helps mums keep fit

Sarah Ware with her daughters Eloise and Chloe
Sarah Ware with her daughters Eloise and Chloe

WHEN Nedlands resident Sarah Ware started fitness business Body Rockers in 2016, she was pregnant with her first baby. Soon after she introduced a FIT MUMS program for new mothers that is now her most popular class. Editor Denise Cahill caught up with Sarah on the eve of International Women’s Day.

1. What was the catalyst for launching the FIT MUMS program?

It came about when I was pregnant with my first, Eloise, and was going to launch Body Rockers. I did a pre- and post-natal exercise course because there was nowhere I could exercise close by. So I started something up where people can bring their children along and have their kids looked after in the same spot. Something I’m passionate about is getting children to see and understand that exercise is really important.

2. What do mums get out of the sessions?

There’s the obvious physical benefits. Most people come down because they want to lose weight or just to get outside but aside from that, one of the big things is they get to meet up with a group of people who are like-minded. They stick around after the class and have a sounding board, it’s like an advanced mother’s group.

3. What’s been the biggest challenge since starting Body Rockers in 2016?

The biggest challenge for me is balance. Being a mum to two kids under three and having my own business, it’s about continuing to give clients what they want and being a good mum. It’s really what any modern woman wants now. That’s where the women are good because everyone’s really understanding.

4. How do you celebrate International Women’s Day?

We’re meeting up at the park and doing coffee and morning tea. I’ll make healthy treats and we’ll hang out for an hour or so before nap times.

5. What is your local coffee shop?

Boubar in Nedlands. I like to support local and not the big chains, knowing how hard it is myself.