Is it time Domino’s brought these weird pizzas to Australia?

Is it time Domino’s brought these weird pizzas to Australia?

A “repugnant” Domino’s pizza has made international headlines for its unusual toppings.

Domino’s New Zealand announced they would be serving a pizza base topped with tinned spaghetti, pineapple and cheese.

But it’s not the first time Domino’s has put some weird toppings on pizza – with banana and tuna featuring on a few of their international pizzas (scroll down for the top five weirdest pizzas).

Meanwhile, opinions are divided in NZ regarding the tinned spag pizza – with one social media user commenting on Domino’s Facebook page that the company should “at least have the decency not to call it pizza”.

“I’m not mad just disappointed,” another commenter added.

“Hope you guys are hecking joking. iCarly already made spaghetti tacos. You think a pizza can top that? You guys must be MAD!” one user said.

“All the best people are,” the Domino’s social media team quipped back.

However, it’s not all bad one user said they had taste tested the pizza and loved it. While another said it harked back to their childhood.

This isn’t the first time Domino’s have jumped the shark when it comes to pizza – with a variety of wacky toppings available around the world.

Top five weirdest Domino’s toppings

India: Burger pizza featuring chicken sausage, jalapeno and tomato 

Nigeria: Tropical pizza featuring bananas, steak and mushrooms

India (again): Bananas (again) and chillies 

Norway and Korea: The Tacorama features corn chips, chillis and corn in Norway, while in Korea it has corn chips, jalapenos, tomato and pork 

England: Tuna delight with tuna, sweetcorn and red onion