Best films of 2016: We take a look at the top 10

Five sisters are locked in their own home in Mustang.
Five sisters are locked in their own home in Mustang.

As much as I love watching films, I dare not add up how many hours of my life I have dedicated doing just that.|

This year, it was probably less than previous years – so there are going to be omissions that some may find baffling.

It was a great year for thrillers and comedies with strong social commentary.

Despite the usual barrage of action blockbusters, not many stuck.

Golden Globe nominated Deadpool was the best of the bunch but not good enough to make the cut.

Honourable mentions:
Art of the Prank, Little Sister, Weiner, The First Monday in May, Eye in the Sky, Microbe and Gasoline, 10 Cloverfield Lane, 45 Years, Green Room, Don’t Breathe, Arrival.

10) Room
Full review here.
“Dark but not depressing, emotionally draining but still with hope. There are several heartbreaking moments but also moments of heart-warming humanity.”

9) The Hateful Eight
Quentin Tarantino’s love for films just gets stronger, as does his filmmaking ability. Referencing westerns with the addition of a political undertone, he put eight despicable people in a room and watches the drama unfold.

8) Land of Mine
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“Based on fact, this harrowing account of a group of mistreated youths prematurely facing their mortality is a tough but rewarding watch. Few movies have captured this gut-wrenching sense of foreboding and sustained it.”

7) Zootopia
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“This is such a tricky issue to tackle for a children’s film, as many young people it is targeted at may not yet comprehend racism, however much like Inside Out it is handled delicately, cleverly and maturely.”

6) Dude Bro Party Massacre III
A Revelation Perth International Film Festival gem, created to look like a cheap and nasty horror film recorded off the TV on a well-worn VHS. But it’s not just the aesthetic that nails it; the script is a hoot and the cast is energetic and hilarious. WARNING: The below trailer contains some graphic scenes. But they’re pretty schlocky.

5) Bad Neighbours 2
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“Less interested in debauchery than it is about using the platform for some social commentary on feminism, female equality and the role of women in comedy films, Bad Neighbours 2 is a genuinely refreshing sequel treat that left me on a cinematic high.”

4) I, Daniel Blake
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Anyone who has dealt with Centrelink, baffling government bureaucracy and red tape or been kept on hold for an hour will relate to I, Daniel Blake.”

3) Hunt for the Wilderpeople
A pure cinematic delight by the ever reliable writer/director Taika Waititi with a star making performance by newcomer Julian Dennison.
Our chat with star Sam Neil is here.

2) Elle
Paul Verhoeven (Total Recall, Basic Instinct) is still pushing the envelope with his daring style and Elle may be his boldest film yet. Isabelle Huppert is utterly outstanding in a role that is as complex as the script. Unlike anything you have seen before.

1) Mustang
Full review here.
“It is an important film, steeped in documentary-like realism with natural performances, and a distinctive female voice and perspective that should be seen by everyone.”