Cook from scratch for top results

Shop near home says iron chef Herb Faust.
Shop near home says iron chef Herb Faust.

‘I’ve always been in firm belief if you cook from scratch it’s going to be better for you, so I just want to show people how using interesting recipes not the generic style of food,’ the Doubleview resident said.

‘They have to work out what foods they actually like. You can’t really go past a nice piece of protein with either some steamed vegetables ” keeping it really simple ” or salad.’

Mr Faust, who runs a catering company at Parklands Villas in Woodlands and sells pre-packaged meals at The Herdsman deli in Churchlands, said local grocers and butchers were the best place to shop when trying to eat healthy.

He also said the internet was a great resource for people looking to kick-start their healthy eating habits and that healthy food did not have to be bland.

‘Everything seems to be processed these days and I can understand that people have got such busier lives these days, so they find it hard to find the time to cook,’ he said. ‘But for me I’m driven by food and I really love eating healthy food.

‘I just want to make interesting things that are tasty, just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it can’t be tasty.’