Nail trends for Spring this year

Nails designs from Nails On Beaufort.
Nails designs from Nails On Beaufort.

IT’S time to ditch the pointy-tipped nail and bring on vibrant green and hot pink hues as we head into the warmer months.

Hayley Nguyen of Nails On Beaufort says clients are increasingly opting for coffin-shaped nails, bright colours and an ombre style.

“Ombre is very ‘in’ at the moment with both our younger and mature-aged clients – it is a simple and timeless look that can be appreciated by everyone,” she said.

“I believe it will continue to rise in popularity for its versatility for any event and outfit combination.”

Nails designs from Nails On Beaufort.

She said french tips, although not as popular as previous years, remained the go-to for a select few.

Nguyen’s favourite trend is custom nail art design on one or two nails of each hand, paired with a glitter colour, gems or reflective foil.

“I love that people are not afraid to try something new and out of the box with their selections, with some clients even giving me free rein to choose the colour and design,” she said.

“We constantly have mothers and their young daughters come through the shop to have the same matching colours and designs on their nails, which I find very sweet.

“Some mums even let their daughters pick the colours that each will receive, no matter how wild it may be.”

Nails designs from Nails On Beaufort.

Nguyen spent seven years living and working in London and gets a lot of her inspiration from following shapes, styles and designs from the UK.

“I stay connected on social media with many famous nail technicians and beauticians from the UK, USA and also Australia to keep up to date with up-and-rising trends and styles,” she said.

“Instagram is a plethora of inspiration, not only for us nail artists and technicians but also for clients looking for something new or a design to go with an outfit.”

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