Rudimental will Toast To Our Differences at RAC Arena in Perth leg of tour

Londoners Rudimental will be at RAC Arena in Perth on February 17.
Londoners Rudimental will be at RAC Arena in Perth on February 17.

FANS of Rudimental can attest that if you get the chance to see them live, you will get a high-energy party every time.

And while Leon “DJ Locksmith” Rolle might joke you have to “drink a lot” to keep up that vibe each night, he really believes it’s all down to the music.

“The music kind of just takes us away,” he said.

“There’s something about the music and the full process of actually spending so long finishing a record and then you get to get on stage and have that massive payoff.

“It just all comes out on stage in a positive way and in an energetic way and you get to just release and I think that’s where the energy comes from.”

The London producers are preparing to bring the party back to Australia as part of their Toast To Our Differences world tour, to celebrate the release of their new album – set to drop on January 25.

Talking to Community News from his London home, Rolle said the album was “so close” and he was looking forward to releasing it to the world.

“The album title Toast To Our Differences is a celebration of all our cultures and all our influences coming together to create something special, which I don’t think we do enough as a society,” he said.

“Everyone comes from different walks of life and when we come together it just creates special moments and we need to celebrate that more as a human race.”

He said it was a theme that really ran through all of the band’s albums.

“They’ve all had different artists and vocalists come through and they’ve all been from different places in the world and come from different cultures and races so it’s nothing new in that respect – but this time it’s like we just want to identify with that.”

The album has already seen some success with the early release of tracks Sun Comes Up featuring James Arthur, Let Me Live with Major Lazer, Anne-Marie and Mr Eazi, and These Days with Jess Glynne, Macklemore and Dan Caplen quickly climbing the airplay charts.

These Days has already gone triple platinum.

“We’ve been at this height of our careers for nearly eight years now and if you’d asked me this when I was back in my everyday job in the supermarket 11-12 years ago that we’d have quite a few triple platinum records I would have laughed at you,” Rolle said.

“I would have been happy to play in front of 100 people and now we’re reaching out to the other side of the world and it just humbles us and makes us truly appreciate what we’ve done.”

But it was the statistic that Rudimental had reached the 55th most streamed Spotify artist in the world that truly shocked the artist.

“There’s a lot of music people in the world – that’s crazy,” he said.

He said it was also “really exciting” to go from playing a nightclub venue to RAC Arena when they get to Perth on February 17.

“It shows the strength and depth of the band and the brand of the band and just the fact that Rudimental has been able to churn out music that warrants us playing at these venues is just really exciting,” he said,

“We literally just can’t wait to jump on stage – it’s what all the hard work is for at the end of the day.”

And to be able to do it with childhood friends in Piers Aggett and Kesi Dryden is “amazing”

“The fact we’ve grown up with each other probably from the age of five has been a true blessing,” he said.

“ I’ll be honest with you, at some points it doesn’t feel like a blessing because it’s just like another family member – we all have arguments with our brothers and our sisters and our parents and it’s no different in our camp.

“We are a family and the beautiful thing about that is we can have our ups and downs and we can push each other’s buttons but the underline of all that is we’ve got an unconditional love for each other that we’ve had since growing up and it can’t be broken and can’t be influenced from outside sources.

“It’s a blessing and something that I hope can continue forever – for as long as it can.”


Who: Rudimental

What: Toast To Our Differences world tour

When: February 17

Where: RAC Arena

Tickets: Ticketek