Socials: 2018 Polo in the Valley launch, Tradewinds Hotel

Ru Barlow and Joolz Nasir.
Ru Barlow and Joolz Nasir.

The Prendivilles hosted VIP guests on the rooftop of the Tradewinds Hotel on Thursday night to officially launch the 2018 Polo in the Valley that will raise money for Youth Focus and Telethon.

Polo in the Valley Launch – Pictures: Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne

Kate-Smithers and Matt Jackson.
Madi Kyle.
Peter and Debra Prendiville.
Megan Keady and Steve Elliott.
Holly Mitchell and Louisa Miller.
Karolina Borkovic, Taylor Morgan and Lauren Dunn.
Will Melville and Emma Jardine.
Harry Reiffer and Dom Barbagallo.
Robbie Klitzing.
Alana McLean.
Donna Condo and Peter Gibbs.
Ross Wallman and Annabelle Revie.
Leah Roberts and Victoria Rifici.
Clare Ryan and Cam Cranley.
Mark Leake and Rachel Ogilvie.
Fiona Kalaf and James Hammond.
Deborah Pitter.
Callee Walsh and Justin Warburton.

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