Socials: Breast Cancer Care WA Celebration of Ladies Long Table Lunch, Claremont Showgrounds

Tanya Marshall and Bonnie Bullock.
Tanya Marshall and Bonnie Bullock.

A ROYAL Celebration was the theme for Breast Cancer Care WA’s annual Celebration of Ladies Long Table Lunch held at the Claremont Showground on Sunday where about 700 people enjoyed a five course degustation lunch.

Long Table Lunch – Pictures: Robin Kornet

Krista Horgan and Christine Parin.
Tracey Gilbert and Melissa Cann.
Ruth Carroll and Mark Mason.
Terry and Sandra Mullins.
Lilian Casely.
Ashleigh Gray.
Duane and Kielley Edwards.
Scott Freeman and Candice Paul.
William and Marani Hutton.
Shirleyann Game, Di Smith and Val Glover.
Sophie Kerrigan.
Suna Cavanagh and Malcolm Day.
Nicole McKenna and Stephanie Wolfgram.
Carly Wharton and Amy Mcdonnell.
Robyn Wilks, Jenni Mayor and Regan Housley.
Lija Sulcs and Georgia O’Keefe.
Paul and Karen Lloyd.
Coreen Goldsworthy and Angela Staunton.

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