Socials: Editeur Launch, Editeur in Peppermint Grove

Christian Lyon addresses the room at the Editeur Launch.
Christian Lyon addresses the room at the Editeur Launch.

Editeur Launch – Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne

Floral artists including Wayne Stubbs and Rebecca Grace, photographer Dion Robeson and painter Diana Watson were part of a three day exhibition of art and design labelled ‘editeur in bloom’ launched at Editeur in Peppermint Grove last week.

Keyth Jackson, David Weir and Kristian Francuski.
Shaun Portlock, Scott Kociuruba and Ryan Sims.
Jennie Goyder-Ewan and David Ewan.
Sally Harding and Carollyn Rhodes-Thompson.
Sally Kenny and Angela Broad.
Sheridan Tjhung and Olivia Vlachou.
Jade Jurewicz and Sarah Langley.
Leanne Burford.
Julie Delborrello and Laura Mollica.
Jo Carmichael and Angela Carter.
Nickolas Gurtler, Hailey Edwards and Anita Moullin.
Olivia Vlachou and Maria Naomis.
Kristy Fogarty and Glenice Patterson.
Nikki Davies.
Ava Fogarty, Milo Kathiravelu and Ruby Fogarty.
Elise Abou-Merhi and Michael Perrella.
Malcolm and Lisa MacLean.
Kelly Sayers and Ceri Wagnell.
Denise Satterly.
Christian Lyon, Linda Bond and Russell Date.

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